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This community is dedicated to those of us who are still stuck in the 90's music scene. From grunge to the "alternative" you caught on your beloved Alternative Nation... to indie rock, brit-pop, dance, electronica, euro-dance, & yes, we'll even make fun of the bad & cheesy 90's pop! We can talk about the mainstream, yes, but please come in with an open mind to listen to all the other bands that weren't so mainstream!!!!!! Some other simple "guidelines" to go by:

1) You may talk about 90s music, but don't expect us to talk about the forgettable pop music...I'm sure there's other communities for that.

2) Do be courteous of people's tastes & opinions... no bashing, it's just not cool.

3) I'd rather this be a DISCUSSION of 90s bands, not a haven for posting of communities. This includes rating communities... which will be removed with NO hesitation. cuz they're just LAME.

4) Surveys are only allowed if they're related to 90s bands... no random Quizillas, guys, that's what your journals are for!!

Must I list anymore?? Or are we all intelligent, courteous human beings? Good :)

Upon joining, you may list some (not all) of your favorite bands, songs, videos, singers, and such... just make sure it doesn't take up more than a page.

community created by pessimystica, who's still often stuck in 90's music

courtesy of wicked_daze

And now, if you like the following bands & movies & such that defined the cool 90's, you're in the right place:
311, 90s rock, alice in chains, alternative nation, alternative rock, ash, beastie boys, beavis and butthead, beck, belly, better than ezra, big wreck, bjork, blur, breeders, britpop, buckcherry, bush, cake, candlebox, catherine wheel, charlatans uk, chemical brothers, chris cornell, clerks, clueless, collective soul, concrete blonde, counting crows, cracker, cranberries, creed, crystal method, cypress hill, daft punk, dance music, dandy warhols, dave matthews band, days of the new, dazed and confused, depeche mode, electronica, empire records, evan dando, failure, filter, fluke, foo fighters, fountains of wayne, garbage, gin blossoms, girls against boys, goo goo dolls, green day, grunge, guitar, helmet, high fidelity, indie rock, james, jamiroquai, jerry cantrell, jesus & mary chain, juliana hatfield, kevin smith movies, kmfdm, kurt cobain, layne staley, lemonheads, letters to cleo, live, liz phair, local h, love spit love, luscious jackson, mad season, matchbox 20, matthew sweet, mazzy star, morrissey, mortal combat, mtv, music videos, my bloody valentine, ned's atomic dustbin, nine inch nails, nirvana, oasis, office space, offspring, orgy, our lady peace, pantera, pearl jam, perry farrell, pj harvey, placebo, poe, presidents of the usa, primus, prodigy, pulp fiction, radiohead, rage against the machine, rammstein, reality bites, red hot chili peppers, rem, republica, rock music, sarah mclachlan, seattle, sheryl crow, shoegazer bands, silverchair, singles, slowdive, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, soul coughing, soundgarden, south park, sponge, stabbing westward, stone roses, stone temple pilots, sublime, sugar ray, supergrass, temple of the dog, the cardigans, the crow, the cure, the saint, the sundays, the verve, the wallflowers, third eye blind, toad the wet sprocket, toadies, tool, tori amos, tracy bonham, trainspotting, tripping daisy, u2, underworld, veruca salt, weezer, white zombie